Air Source Heat Pump Systems

One of the most effective ways of reducing carbon footprint and saving the environment is to install an Air Source Heat Pump.

Air Source technology can provide heat for your property even when outdoor temperatures are down to -15 degrees.

The technology using a low volume fan ensures heat is extracted from the air outside and passes through the unit. This is converted into high-grade heat using a heat exchanger and compressor.

A unique variable speed compressor ensures the lowest possible draw from your electrical supply with maximum efficiencies and the Air Source Heat Pump is suitable for virtually any property.

The Air Source Heat Pumps can work with existing central heating systems or under floor heating. Heat pumps do require some electricity to run, but with conversion efficiencies of between 300 and 500% (meaning that, for every unit of electricity used, you get 3 to 5 units of heat), it is a far more efficient and renewable way to heat your home without the additional cost of expensive ground loop systems.

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